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Narcity statistics canada jobs

Sign up to My StatCan to get updates in real-time. At Statistics Canada, we produce statistics that help Canadians better understand their country—its population, resources, economy, society and culture—but we also do so much more.

Come discover a world of opportunities for work and experience with us. Statistics Canada is embracing the possibilities of data science to better serve the information needs of Canadians. Careers at Statistics Canada. Organizational culture Learn about what makes Statistics Canada a great place to grow your career.

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Working at Statistics Canada Check out what we are currently doing and hear from our employees. Opportunities Ready to apply? Discover what we have to offer. Students Looking for valuable work experience or a summer job? Well look no futher. Data Science Centre Statistics Canada is embracing the possibilities of data science to better serve the information needs of Canadians.

Awards and recognition Learn about how Statistics Canada has been recognized. Report a problem or mistake on this page. Date modified: Need a way to make some good money?

Government of Canada jobs that are hiring right now include ones for nurses to help fight COVID by screening international travellers for the virus. These positions are available in different locations across the country including ports of entry.

Stats Canada Is Hiring Dozens Of Remote Positions In BC Right Now & They Pay Up To $51k

So, there's a need for clinical screening officers, quarantine officers and other registered nurses. Since the inventory was open for applications earlier in the year, you don't need to apply again if you did it before. The deadline is October 5 at p. Your duties will include doing health assessments of international travellers to determine the risk to public health and making sure that the Quarantine Act is effective.

Introduction to Statistics Canada

These positions also deal with case management along with making sure that notices to the public are clearly posted and health is promoted to people who travel. Also, you need to have experience in public health, community health, travel-related nursing or infectious diseases. At a later date, you might have to prove that you meet more requirements like experience in emergency preparedness and response among other things.

That could include casual and term work meaning you work 90 days or less in a year or for a specific period of time. If you can commit to working full-time hours on a rotational basis, you'll be given preference over others.

If you're looking for a job with the government that doesn't need that much education or experience, there are options. Statistics Canada is hiring people across the country to help out with the census and you pretty much just need to know how to use a mouse. Money Canada. Lisa Belmonte Published September 24 Comments are now closed. Log in to comment.

Register this device to receive push notifications.You can even work from the comfort of your own home! The agency is also offering a respectful work environment, bonuses for evening and weekend work and Public Service benefits like health and dental.

In the job description, Statistics Canada explains that it employs thousands of interviewers across the country.

These people conduct more than 2. Due to the COVID pandemic, interviewers are currently working alongside provincial and territorial governments to help with tracking and contact tracing, and data collection and reporting. While the job listing says an ideal candidate would have completed high school, it notes that different combinations of education, training and experience may also be accepted. No previous experience is necessary, but a background in customer service or dealing with the public would be an asset.

The current jobs are open to anybody who is eligible to work in Canada. As the positions are currently WFH, you can apply from anywhere in the country, too! The process can be completed online, through the Government of Canada website.

Statistics Canada Is Hiring 'Interviewers' Right Now & You Don't Need Any Experience

If you are successful, Statistics Canada will get in touch. They note that, unfortunately, they will only respond to those selected for further consideration. Money Canada. Ggw Dreamstime Gabriel Vergani Dreamstime. Applications are open right now and close on October 30, Comments are now closed. Log in to comment. Register this device to receive push notifications.If you're looking for work, there are thousands of Statistics Canada jobs up for grabs if you're interested in working on the census team.

There are about 32, census enumerator and crew leader positions open across Canada and the hourly rate is pretty competitive. An enumerator is a part-time non-supervisory role that typically takes place on evenings and weekends.

The job entails going around your areas picking up and dropping off census questionnaires from people at their homes. Follow-ups and shipping the completed documents would also fall under your duties.

narcity statistics canada jobs

If you want something more full-time, there are crew leader positions available to apply for. All of the positions have COVID safety protocols in place to ensure employees are safe when going door to door. If you want to work on the census in Canada you might as well get that resume ready! Money Canada. Britanny Burr Published January 07 Gabriel Vergani Dreamstime. Comments are now closed. Log in to comment. Register this device to receive push notifications.If you're hunting for a new career in B.

The Government of Canada has just announced that they are looking to fill 60 positions in British Columbia right away and applicants need to apply by November 30, The specific positions are census recruitment clerks and the contracts are anticipated to run from January 4,to July 2, The job is exclusively a work from home position and candidates should have great attention to detail, efficient data entry and record-keeping skills, great communication skills, and good research aptitude, among other things.

There are openings all over the province and to apply, you should live within kilometres of a job location. To throw your name in the hat, you'll need to provide your resume and the contact information for your two references. Also, you need to have completed two years of secondary school, have basic computer skills, and have experience in general administrative support settings.

If you're looking to join the work from home crew, you should probably start sprucing up that resume before time is up! Money British Columbia. Britanny Burr Published November 25 Thought Catalogue Unsplash.

narcity statistics canada jobs

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Canada Is Hiring 5,700 Census Workers In Quebec With Pay Between $17.83 & $31.25/Hour

Every year, the Harkness Dance Festival and various performance series bring choreographers and performers at various stages of their careers to Buttenwieser Hall to celebrate the history and future of modern dance. The production, a miniature version of the story, is only an hour long, performed in front of an ingenious set piece that transforms itself over the course of the evening. The British naval administrator and parliamentarian Samuel Pepys, for example, went on at great length in his journals about everything, from his bladder stones and his sexual escapades to what he had for lunch.

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Learn More and Apply The Big Picture Get the scoop on seminar topics, program activities, and favorite moments of the Summer Preview program from last summer's students.Specifies the type of strategy that a model will follow when a missing value needed to continue with inference in the model is found.

Either 0, 1, 2, or 3 to specify respectively whether the evaluation is from a single model, an ensemble, a logistic regression, or or a time series model. By default it is based on the name of model, ensemble, logistic regression, or time series and the dataset used. NEW ordering filterable, sortable The order used to chose instances from the dataset to evaluate the model.

In a future version, you will be able to share evaluations with other co-workers or, if desired, make them publicly available. The result of the evaluation.

Depending on the type of task performed by the model (i. Regression results are similarly formatted, but there is a mean predictor instead of a mode. See tables below for the result formats of each model type.

A description of the status of the evaluation. This is the date and time in which the evaluation was updated with microsecond precision. A detailed result object with an entry per performance measure computed, a confusion matrix, and a break down of the performance measures per class. Measures the performance of the classifier that predicts the mode class for all the instances in the dataset. Measures the performance of the classifier that predicts a random class for all the instances in the dataset.

Measures the performance of the model that predicts the mean for all the instances in the dataset. A detailed result object with an entry per performance measure computed. Measures the performance of the model that predicts a random class for all the instances in the dataset.

narcity statistics canada jobs

See Coefficient of Determination. The name of this field will be the same as the corresponding objective field in the model. For each of the ets models in the time series for this objective field: A same name as the submodel, with the submodel's forecast.

A column, with name that of the submodel plus the suffix " - lower bound", with the lower bound of the error for the prediction. A similar column for the upper bound of the error. And, finally, a timestamp column, as an unix epoch in milliseconds. When comparing forecasting methods, the method with the lowest value is the preferred method.

Boxrec rankings light heavyweight

See Mean Absolute Scaled Error. See Symmetric Mean Absolute Percentage Error. A status code that reflects the status of the evaluation creation.

narcity statistics canada jobs

See the WhizzML category codes for the complete list of categories. Example: 1 description optional A description of the library up to 8192 characters long.

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Example: "This is a description of my new library" imports optional A list of valid library identifiers. Example: "my new library" Code for the WhizzML library.


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